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Rexy Pink & Black


Rexy Pink & Black

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Rexy Pink & Black

Rexy Pink & Black

Crema™[NYLON 74%, SPAN26%]

The material is a mid compression material that shows a comfortable fit while supporting the body. It provides excellent sweat absorbing power and 4-layer stretch. Excellent ventilation with maximized cooling function implemented with Ventiflo ™ technology.

Cold water washing

Please wash separately with cold water, wash it separately, seal it in a wet condition, and discolor if left for a long time.

Weak dehydration

Strong dehydration hurts the material. It may cause partial discoloration due to sweat, so please wash it immediately.

Neutral detergent

Please wash it with a neutral detergent that does not have the tablets. Since dye residue is missing and there is a risk of other products, please wash the products of similar color.

Do not iron

Because it is an advanced functional material, you can wear long round as long as you care about laundry / care.

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